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Technical knowledge of the steel tube industry

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Our technical staff will help you to design your products by analysing the feasibility of your project and advising you on the standard, grade and temper of steel tube to meet your needs.

Our technicians will find the best solutions to provide you with the highest quality product at the lowest cost.



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Our company aims to satisfy our customers and meet their needs in order to enhance and reinforce our position as a market leader. Our quality management system is based on:

  • Managing material flows:

Verrier Tubes guarantees the quality and traceability of all of its steel tubes by operating in strict compliance with the technical specifications of its ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified factories. We also provide quality certificates for our tubes on request.

  • Managing immaterial flows:

Verrier Tubes manages both information and staff in order to stay fully engaged and aware of every effort to meet our customers’ needs.

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